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Rubber on the Road

I’ll miss my hog, but this zippy little Kaw will be a different kind of fun—riding in Jakarta is not unlike motocross! (4 days and counting…)

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The Highlands Come to HTFS

We had a special guest today in my “Ethnoexperimusicology” class, Mr. Martin Hatcher of the Capital Region Celtic Pipe Band! Mr. Hatcher gave a wonderful demonstration of the Great Highland Bagpipes. In class, he began with an explanation of his … Continue reading

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Feed Phobia

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I am the first to coin “ressaphobia” — the irrational fear of RSS feeds. Don’t get me wrong, I believe RSS feeds are the greatest thing since sliced bread! … Continue reading

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Playin’ ThePixelPlant Tinydrum4.0

Chad says to his chum Merrick: Dude, check out Tinydrum4.0, you’ll get a kick eh! So Merrick twiddles with Tinydrum for a spell and sends these patterns to Chad: @ 52 bpm : 1-16384-1024-8-8768-4 @ 60 bpm : 16896-256-0-16-32-16448 @ … Continue reading

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Steve-o describes it as “Jungian,” to that, I might simply add “utterly captivating.” Gawker is one of the nifty-est pieces of software that has crossed my screen in quite some time — it has that “instant click” appeal. Check out … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Install

Last week, I decided to start running my iBook and my secondary (soon to be primary) PC desktop with Ubuntu. I was excited, nay exurberant, to say the least. With my Ubuntu install CDs in hand, I rushed home and … Continue reading

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I just stepped off a rewarding php/mysql learning curve and I’m only delighted to be able to introduce the project I mentioned last week, CallQuest. CallQuest is based on Steve’s application of a Google Map API in his nifty wireless … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Web2.0 Renders Conventional Schools Obsolete

Catchy title, no? Hehehe… It is with great pleasure that I direct your attention to Podcast2.0, a welcome newcomer to the conversation on educational technology. Rest assured, the lunacy you may consider to be reflected in the above title is … Continue reading

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I just updated this blog with an audio commenting system from MyChingo. It’s basically a voice mail system that allows visitors to leave messages and to hear comments left by others. It’s pretty nifty, really. If you’d like to leave … Continue reading

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Google Spreadsheets

Speaking of tools on to which I’ve been turned by the TechWhittler (sorry, Steve, that sobriquet got stuck on me tongue this morning…), I’m using Google Spreadsheets to manage the quantitative data from a pilot study on the use of … Continue reading

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