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I’m Bored…

HTFS: Week 3 — I suppose that some of the proclivity to boredom among teens is inherent to the age. After 14 or 15 years of life, the world is not quite the captivating spectacle of new and mysterious phenomena … Continue reading

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Painting 6 Wilbur

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HTFS: Week 2

We’re just beginning to settle on a groove, which means there’s still a fair bit of discordance as newcomers get acquainted with oldcomers, students come and students go, classes start taking shape, and choices begin to take effect. On Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Done Week One

The ball is finally rolling in earnest! My 2 classes (World Music and Digital Storytelling & Web Publishing) got off the ground nicely and I’m still finding it hard to believe that I’m able to offer up such fun (for … Continue reading

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