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Harriet Tubman Democratic High School

My gonzo run to Albany was smooth and eventful. I spent a wonderful day hanging out with the Free School folks as part of their internship application process. Suffice it to say, I am inspired and excited at the prospect … Continue reading

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Too Busy to Blog???

I’ve turned the corner on my paper and I’m headed for the home stretch… I’ll be back on the new tack in a few weeks! But wait….I’ll be heading up to the Harriet Tubman Free School in Albany, New York, … Continue reading

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سبحان الله

It was a beautiful day in Billysburg, yesterday: sunny with temps in the low 70’s that held into the evening. Long about midnight, I stepped out for some fresh night air. As I stood jacket-less in bare feet on the … Continue reading

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Sounds of the Commonwealth

I spent the day out on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation repairing rotted walls and floor joists in the house of Chief Webster “Little Eagle” Custalow who passed away in 2003 (I think). It was a good day’s work and we … Continue reading

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The Billysburg – C’ville Run

I just had a couple of those drop-everything-and-attend-to-a-forgotten-deadline days—the kind of days that drive the Type A, uber-organizers absolutely buggy, and makes those who sweat bureaucratic bullets most anxious like. The short end of a not-so-long story is that the … Continue reading

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