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Quicksilver Install

I’m diggin’ my first session with Quicksilver… It has that universal “click” of a good app that needs no getting used to, nor discipline to use… it just fills a gap I didn’t even know I had! Like Steve said, … Continue reading

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HENRY JENKINS – Keynote Keywords + Audio

Tuesday, June 25th, National Media Education Conference, St. Louis, MO Listen to (download) the keynote address with the Flash player, below… wikipediaMiddleberry collegeparticipatory culturenetworked culturekids good at games, but don’t think criticallyethics issues – kids going places parents can’t followinformed … Continue reading

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Playin’ ThePixelPlant Tinydrum4.0

Chad says to his chum Merrick: Dude, check out Tinydrum4.0, you’ll get a kick eh! So Merrick twiddles with Tinydrum for a spell and sends these patterns to Chad: @ 52 bpm : 1-16384-1024-8-8768-4 @ 60 bpm : 16896-256-0-16-32-16448 @ … Continue reading

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Summer Cuts

My latest “gawks” (time-lapse video clips): Michael’s Mohawk and Kate’s Cut . [tags]gawker, time-lapse, mohawk, summer, video, fastforward[/tags]

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The Quantum Mechanics of StumbleUpon

Light is particle, light is wave—it all depends on how and when you look at it. So, too, is SU… Steve sends link to PandoraJam Michael gives it a “thumbs up” and is sent to the SU “discovery” page to … Continue reading

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