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Smedi Percil

Here’s another YouTube clip from Jakarta that I felt needed to be translated… [tags]jakarta, indonesia, anak jalanan[/tags]

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Spreading the word…

I ran across this on YouTube, and I took the liberty of translating the subtitles & voice over… [tags]indonesia, jeritan rakyat, kemiskinan, ketidakkeadilan, jakarta, pengamen, korupsi[/tags]

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Soft Hard Science

Last Friday, I happened to catch Science Friday, one of my favorite-est NPR programs. In the second hour, Ira was interviewing some folks who produced a play (“Serendib”) about a team of scientists studying monkeys in Sri Lanka. It sounds … Continue reading

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My first crack at stop-motion animation and applied secret backward-ness… Despite all appearances, I am actually working hard on my dissertation proposal ;->

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