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Secrets Just Below the Surface

I just had a curiously strong experience of discovery… Earlier this evening, Kathy sent me video clips of a cool “wind catcher” and a “water scooper” from Sedona, AZ, which reminded me of a previous conversation in which I was … Continue reading

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“Hank” Plays Jakarta

Here’s a blast from my (not so) distant past… The Indonesia-America Friendship Association (Perhimpunan Persahabatan Indonesia-Amerika, PPIA) celebrated the 4th of July, 2002 with Tantowi Yahya on his weekly live national broadcast of “Country Road.” PPIA is an affiliate of … Continue reading

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Steve-o describes it as “Jungian,” to that, I might simply add “utterly captivating.” Gawker is one of the nifty-est pieces of software that has crossed my screen in quite some time — it has that “instant click” appeal. Check out … Continue reading

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Followup on Rep. Goode

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Charlottesville Daily Progress which was published on Saturday, February 3, 2007: To the editor: On January 23, 2007, six representatives from local (Virginia’s 5th District) and national faith organizations met with … Continue reading

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