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Creativity is a Fish

Photo by: .K. Last night, I experienced the elusive “peak creative experience.” As I sat out on my screened-in front porch enjoying a thunderstorm roll over Lake Orion, I flipped on my digital recorder hoping to catch some big thunderboomers. … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: Web2.0 Renders Conventional Schools Obsolete

Catchy title, no? Hehehe… It is with great pleasure that I direct your attention to Podcast2.0, a welcome newcomer to the conversation on educational technology. Rest assured, the lunacy you may consider to be reflected in the above title is … Continue reading

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I just updated this blog with an audio commenting system from MyChingo. It’s basically a voice mail system that allows visitors to leave messages and to hear comments left by others. It’s pretty nifty, really. If you’d like to leave … Continue reading

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CSS Galleries

I love css galleries. Ostensibly for the purpose of inspiring (wannabe) web designers, css galleries aggregates over 2 dozen other web sites that have css design galleries. Each design thumbnail is linked to the actual site. THIS is what I … Continue reading

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Chad, Land of Mystery

CHAD. chad. Chad. cHaD. I love to say the word “Chad.” The Republic of Chad has forever enchanted me. I learned of Chad back in my school daze when I saw it on a map — an empty looking chunk … Continue reading

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Flies Around a Bush Pilot’s Face

OK… the title’s a bit of a stretch… but just as I put a full stop to my tool talk, here comes Zoho!!! With all this technology buzzing around my head, I feel like the pilot (and practically everyone else) … Continue reading

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Google Spreadsheets

Speaking of tools on to which I’ve been turned by the TechWhittler (sorry, Steve, that sobriquet got stuck on me tongue this morning…), I’m using Google Spreadsheets to manage the quantitative data from a pilot study on the use of … Continue reading

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The Cutting Edge

I’ve come to realize that I rely on Steve the TechWhittler to keep me abreast of the latest and greatest edtech tools coming over the horizon. Sure, I find my share of new and exciting tools with which to push … Continue reading

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Wires & Lights in a Box

Last night, I watched Good Night, and Good Luck. I found the cinematography to be the most enjoyable part of the film: black & white, tight shots, and billowing cigarette smoke. I also enjoyed getting caught up in the rush … Continue reading

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