Not infrequently am I asked questions like: “Are you into cycling, or something?” “What is that ‘sonikcycle’ business anyway? Is that some sort of really fast bike?” You yourself may be asking that very question, at this very moment. Allow me to tell the tale of Sonikcycle…

After a year of living more than just a little bit dangerously in Vietnam, I returned to Michigan where I set about trying to pursue more intellectual, self-fulfilling goals. I was finding myself inspired to be musical and to make musical instruments–I was thoroughly intrigued by the physics of sound.

It was about that time (1996) that I discovered the Internet. Like most people, the first thing I did was open an e-mail account. It was on a particularly balmy mid-summer evening that I opened my first e-mail account, a process which requires a unique username. Earlier said evening, I had sat fully-engrossed in Hermann Von Helmholtz’s On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music. Although I could barely comprehend the great physicist’s explanations, I did sit back with a flickering of illumination as I came to understand the cyclic nature of sound waves. As I sat with clove-scented blue smoke curling from my kretek and numbing my lips, I struggled to find the perfect username for my first e-mail account. Suddenly, it came to me: SONIC… I said to myself, “Yes, I’m into sound => SONIC… hmmm, too short, too common… something with ‘sonic’… sound waves are cyclic => CYCLE => SONICCYCLE… but that looks strange => SONIKCYCLE… Yes! That’s it! It’s unique, it looks interesting, it reflects my current passion, and it has a cool cosmic ring to it!”

So there I was with the coolest username ever, that is, until I realized that (to this day) I am the only one who gets it!!!! I was just too clever for my own good. Instead of being this cool dude into sound and experimental music as reflected by a hip username, I remained a geeky beer swillin’ freak seemingly bent on riding bikes at the speed of sound. Ahh, the bittersweet lessons of humiliation ;->

Being the creature of habit that I am, I have continued to use “sonikcycle” for everything requiring a username. I really was (am) taken by the signifiance I originally attached to the term and it has come to represent an alter-ego of sorts. Sonikcycle gave rise to The SoundFarm, a real/virtual place/space that is home to Da SoundFarmer…but that’s another tale…

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